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Installation of Submersible Pumps

Deciding a suitable pump is very critical. The following factors are needed to select the pump.


1.   Yield of the well

2.   The pump installation depth.

3.   Dynamic head.


Based on the above factors we select a suitable pump to perform comfortably from the pump curve. Once the pump is selected our M&E team will install the pump to the well with column’ pipe, water level sensors, power cables and other necessary instruments as per industry norm under the supervision of the head technician. The water level sensors are guiding the pump to operating water levels. In case if the water level drops down to the dry run cut off sensor it will isolate the power and will hold until the water levels re- charges up to upper level sensor. The common sensor will guide the upper and lower level sensors for functioning. In case if these sensors defect the submersible pump is having a inbuilt dry run cut off for protection of the motor. 


The other accessories such as pressure gauge, NRV, flow meters will assemble as per customers requirement After the installation is over the team will carry out the performing test. In this test he will check the followings if any mechanical or electrical defects are to be found and that pump delivers the promised yield. 


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