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Micro Piles

spun piles

In-situ bored cast piles

Why choose us?

As a part of our diversification strategies Lanka Deep Wells established a piling arm in 2018. The main target market is for small to mid-size building constructions where the size is very limited. The specialty is that our piling machines can be mobilized easily to any given plot of land at an extremely low cost compared to the large traditional piling machines. We are heavily focusing on micro piles (300mm, 450mm, 500mm) as well large diameter piles up to 1.2m. 


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Furthermore, our piling services aren’t just limited to Sri Lanka. We have undertaken piling projects in Maldives and we do have 2 state of the art piling machines to drive pre-stressed spun piles. With this kind of high-tech machinery, we have been able to revolutionized the resort construction in Maldives.  

Our brand-new piling machines are fully equipped with modern facilities and will be able to place the piles with an accuracy of 50 mm with the aid of GPS technology. The vibratory hammer will allow the installation of the spun piles in a fast, safe and economical way.  Minimizing the damage to the pile head comparing to hammer.  Considering all these facts of our equipment and its latest technology, it will be resulting in a high work output and with favourable conditions we will be able to complete 30 to 40 piles a day. 

Piling in Maldives


The spun piles are the ideal solution to the developers, owner's and the investors of resorts who are constructing water bungalows and jetties and walk ways in lagoon. The prices are very competitive with much more superior quality. The product quality is assured by us with warranty of up to 25 years. The clients who need to get an independent quality standard certificate can be obtained with prior approval. Standard developing resorts needs about 1500 piles. Our solutions will have a considerable financial benefit whilst enjoying with superior quality product comparing to traditional footing type column 

Target Market
Why Spun Pile Over Traditional Footing Pile?


The standard practice of building the columns for water villas, jetties and walkways are on concrete footing with PVC lining.  The main disadvantages of this footing are

  • All the raw material (sand, cement, metal, steel and PVC casings) has to be transported to the island, which incurs a huge raw material & logistic cost, with the columns are constructed on site. 

  • Quality variation of the columns. The quality of the columns casting on site are determined by,

  1. Quality of the workmen ship.

  2. Quality of the materials used.

  3. The quality of compacting & curing process 

  4.  Extend of supervision of the work

  5. The fact of having most materials used contaminated, including the water.

  • Before installing this concrete footing, the seabed needs to excavated for about 0.5-1m which damages the coral bed and the eco system surrounding it. 

  • Needs one or two excavators to place the columns. The accuracy of placing is depending on the skills of the operator.

  • Expensive rent charges of high bed excavators

  • The concrete footing columns are placed and rest on the sea bed. It is not very stable and can be lift or float by high waves, swells and current.  

  • Often you can see the corrosion is overflowing from the top of the column after some times.

Completed Projects
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